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XLR8 Software provides professional consulting services and outsourced development.  We specialize in C# and the .Net Framework.  Our consultants are all highly experienced developers with years of real world experience.  We would be happy to partner with you in architecting and developing a solution to fit the needs of your business. 

XLR8 Software offers a workflow processing solution titled XL-Flow.  XL-Flow was developed entirely in C# and is amazingly fast, flexible and extensible.  XL-Flow is similar to MS BizTalk but it is easier to use and much more affordable.  In fact, the standard version is available for free.  XL-Flow can be used for processing EDI/XML messages or it can be used to do about anything else that could benefit from being workflow driven.  Please download  your free copy today.

XLR8 Software, LLC

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